This guy right here.

Long story short, Xiao decided he was going to acquire a raging case of Kitty-betes. Our last week has been full of needles and test strips and insulin and cat food stuffed in nooks and crannies so the other cats can’t eat it. We’ve been active.

Once again, this turn of events requires a recalibration on goals. (Spell-Check would have me believe that “recalibration” isn’t a word but I’m here to tell you right now, Merriam AND Webster can both pry my silly made-up words from my cold, dead fingers.) Turns out, insulin is freakin’ expensive. When the Vet keeps advising us to up the dose, I get a little panicked. As it is, we’ve already blown through our entire European Vacation Fund For When Americans Are Allowed to Leave the Country Again, just getting him the care he needs. Sick kittehs are ‘spensive kittehs.

To help ease the financial burden on the family, now that my books are temporarily off the market, I’ve gone back to freelancing.

Ugh, I know, right? I had such an awful time the first go of it, what with the being hired to plagiarize someone else’s book, leading me to hunting down the original author and giving him all of the contact info I had for my client so he could sue the pants off him. I was not a fan.

This time is a bit different, though. Not only do I have my senior editor experience through That One Lit Mag, but now I’ve got ISBNs that belong to me, complete with reviews on Amazon that help back up my abilities. I was more comfortable back then relying on my technical editing skyllz to take on freelancing jobs. This time, I’m branching out.

Ghostwriting! Heck, even the name alone screams “This job is SO Nicole!” I get all the fun of writing stories, but with absolutely none of the responsibility of marketing! What could be better? The money isn’t great, at this stage, but I understand you start at the top and build a(n invisible) name for yourself in the industry. Then the projects start rolling your way.

“But Nicole,” I hear you say, “what about all of your OWN writing projects.”

Yeah, about that. Right now, money is needed to keep a healthy kitty and I need it right ding dang now. The work I would be doing on Spellbound and even Moonlight Market would take a year, at least, to bring in royalties. I don’t have that kind of time, so writing for money is taking the place of writing for creativity’s sake.

Oof. I need to make a Schedule(tm), don’t I? And start doing Adult Stuff(tm) like waking up before noon and eating a Healthy Breakfast(tm). And maybe putting on Pants(tm). Ew. Gah. See the unreasonable lengths I’m willing to go to for a kitty in need?

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