All Right

This is the Coffee Table of Recovery. Our whole family has been THROUGH IT the last few months, and the mess you see here is the mess of reclaiming our own peace. Ingredients include Japanese take-out, beer, chocolate, candle light, and video games. This is the day we chose to take back our own happiness.

And it worked.

Kyle (you know, Mr. of Quill Cottage) and I had a long talk this morning about how, after cutting some toxic ties and reinforcing those that are most important to us, we feel free. Especially Kyle. That ridiculous saying “Happy wife, happy life” never applied in our home. Kyle has always been the one to dictate the vibe of the house and when he struggled, we all struggled with him.

Before anyone interprets that to say that he was overbearing or a jackass, I want to highlight the word choice in saying “struggled.” Kyle has been struggling with some serious trauma for years, including the joy of being brainwashed by the military, and when he felt pain, we all felt his pain. You marry someone in sickness and health, and I stood by him through every struggle he experienced and waited for him on the other side.

It seems imprudent to say “and now we’re there,” but now we’re there. It took many, many years to undo the damage that was done to him, and now we are moving on as a family towards happier, healthier things. For the first time, Kyle feels like the world is wide open to him, like nothing can get between him and his dreams, and I love that so much. He has become such an incredible, loving person and he has earned happiness. And peace.

Life has been good for me for a long time, thanks to being properly medicated for my own neurodivergency and having dealt with my own trauma through therapy. To have him finally able to join me in such a place of hope and prosperity is priceless. We both feel like we did way back at the beginning of our relationship a quarter-century ago: We are stronger together and the world is open to us for exploration and adventure. There’s nothing we can’t conquer side-by-side, and that’s the most beautiful thing about love.