Jeepers Peepers

I can feel the verge of spring in the air. After our last ice storm melted off this morning, we went on a walk through our woods to see how everything fared through winter. As expected, there’s a lot of cleanup ahead. Trees and branches are scattered all over our walking paths, but the good news is that my chainsaw is in great condition and I’m all sorts of ready to be outside making more firewood for camping season.

We did not expect, however, the massive amount of garbage and plastics that blew into the woods, and specifically the creek that runs through. March 1st is considered the first day of unofficial spring for us, so I can see myself now, mucking through the mud in my boots, collecting rogue newspapers into a wagon.

Can I just add that I’m beyond excited for this work ahead? This winter was beautiful, but not at all the rest we needed. The only way to energize myself now is to be out in nature. There isn’t jack-all we can do about the garden for another few months, but it’s absolutely the right time to continue the cleanup of the woods. I can’t wait to get back there and forage.

Oh. Heck.

I just realized I neglected to mention something massive that is going on in my life. I started to way back in the “Fire-side fire cider” post, but then veered wildly off-course, as per usual.

I am studying a 2 1/2 year long herbalism course. This program has a series of deep-dive projects I have to undertake, one of which involves gardening (my jam, y’all.) and foraging. I’m thankful to have as much wild, untouched area at my disposal so that I can find some fun medicinal herbs out there, but it has been winter the whole time I’ve been studying, meaning all tinctures/solutions I’ve been making have been with herbs I’ve purchased. (Do you know how hard it is to find mimosa bark? It’s hard. If you have a mimosa tree, let’s talk. I promise I’m not trying to make ayahuasca.)

I’m currently sitting on medicine to treat SAD and menstrual cramps, so that’s badass. Plus, a whole bunch of fire cider. I’m well on my way to being a witch doctor. Oo-ee-oo-ah-ah.

As for everything else, I am happy and at peace. The stress that met us at the gate of 2022 has been mitigated and the entirety of Quill Cottage is ready to bloom in the returning sunlight.