With time comes healing and, while there's so much I want to write about here regarding the past three months, I won't. A lot got buried this past week and I'm very content to let it all stay six feet under. My dearest friends Mat and Kim sent us a big flower basket full of … Continue reading Rebirth

Meet Blue

I want to cordially invite you all to meet my new best canine, Blue! He's a German pointer we rescued on March 6th and it has been nothing but fun with him since. He is the sweetest, most empathic dog and we are beyond lucky to have him during this difficult time in our family. … Continue reading Meet Blue

Memento Mori

"Remember you will die." Seems like such a morbid statement, but like the art the saying inspired, I have always felt Memento Mori to be a call-to-action. Live while you can. You are not invincible. Death comes for us all. The last, sheesh, year it seems has been one big screeching reminder of impermanence. It … Continue reading Memento Mori