Meet Blue

I want to cordially invite you all to meet my new best canine, Blue! He’s a German pointer we rescued on March 6th and it has been nothing but fun with him since. He is the sweetest, most empathic dog and we are beyond lucky to have him during this difficult time in our family.

My mother-in-law passed away Monday morning. Blue has been beside Kyle ever since, comforting him, sharing his toys, cleaning up his tears, and generally being a huge comfort. Dogs are wonderful.

Quill Cottage isn’t finished growing, though. We also have new feathered friends–a flock of chickens. The gals are gorgeous and hilarious, even though some are itty bitty and others are in that awkward phase between full feathers and fluffy puffs. We spent the afternoon building their coop, giving space for the bigger gals to spread out and the littler gals to stay safe and warm with their sisters.

We almost have a full house, but there is one more set of friends we’re excited to bring on–bees. The victory garden will be massive this year (by our standards, of course) and having extra pollinators around is just going to be good for us, them, and the whole world. The plan for 2023 is to take out the trees in front of the cottage and put in an apple orchard. Yet another reason bees would be a huge boost.

Between the garden, the eggs, and the honey, I expect we’ll be having one heck of a healthy diet this summer. As our focus for 2022 was “Health, Wealth, and No” this helps keep everything in line. I am an ethical vegetarian and knowing that our eggs come from happy, healthy chickens who live free range lives on lots of land with loving care, and that our honey comes from our own bees, made from our own organic flowers, I am comfortable not being fully vegan. This change in mindset, as well as diet, has come at just the right time, but that’s a post for another day.

Today, just say hi to Blue. He’s the goodest boy.