With time comes healing and, while there’s so much I want to write about here regarding the past three months, I won’t. A lot got buried this past week and I’m very content to let it all stay six feet under.

My dearest friends Mat and Kim sent us a big flower basket full of plants I get to take care of. I may have cried when it was delivered because, you guys, if you don’t have a Mat and Kim in your life, you gotta start thinking about your decisions in life. Good people are loved by even better people, and having the love and support of those two lets me know I’ve done a good job with my life.

Anyway, the plants–several different kinds in one gorgeous ceramic bowl, including a pothos. I’ve wanted a pothos forever but having 3 million or so cats in the house that really like to eat things that are green has kept me from buying my own. Sadly, these plants can’t all stay in the bowl, but I will enjoy repotting each in their own vessel and then putting my new pothos up high where the murder mitts can’t reach. All the other plants are also *chef’s kiss* and there is nothing in this world like having a house full of gorgeous plants.

I’m a little obsessed.

Furthering along the beauty and fresh air that comes with spring, my seeds for the victory garden will be here any minute, and my little greenhouse gets delivered tomorrow. I am over the moon to be surrounded by so much life and renewal following such a time of darkness and death. I’ve been lacking in hope the last few weeks, but with the equinox came a new energy that I am drinking in and letting that change replenish me.

I’m back, friends. The me I really am, not the “me” other people required me to be. Life is beautiful.