Fresh New Look

Think of it like the post-break-up haircut, but I needed to scrap everything to do with everything from my Covid-life and rewrite my own story.

What you’ve missed this last year is death, surgery, and a massive change in family dynamics. I’m not rehashing it. It was awful the first time through, and it’ll be worse a second time through, so let’s just move on with the new year and leave all this heckery in the past, okay? Okay.

So, if you’re just joining in, Hello! I’m Nicole. I do a lot of stuff, making my topics here varied, but you can count on having a little bit of Monica in my homesteading, a wee touch of witchcraft, and a whole heap of trial and error. Let’s be honest, friends, I have no idea what I’m doing.


The point is that this will be a very eclectic collection of shenanigans that make up my life, which is mostly all my blog posts have ever been. I’m not trying to teach anyone anything, or to guide anyone into my lifestyle. I just like the sound of typing, so I do it a lot!

Check my Contact page for other places to find my video creations. Oh! And before anyone asks where my Books page went, I took it down. My books were all hosted through Amazon and I am currently working to find an alternative that doesn’t make me feel gross inside. If you really, really want one of my books, let me know. I’ll get you one myself.

Okay, that’s all from me today. Have a happy Tuesday!

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