I’m not fuzzy, you’re fuzzy

Crooked Pecker Brewing

I remember back many years ago when I used to enjoy blogging. Heck, I’d even say I was pretty good at it. I wrote poignant, witty posts that people enjoyed reading and I had fun writing.

What happened?

Blogging for the last few years has felt a bit like journaling the apocalypse. The amount of doom and gloom that has filled this little niche of the internet has been difficult to rehash, but I did. I went back and read through more posts than I probably should have and at the end of the day, I’m left with this wee slice of wisdom.

It’s not getting better, kids.

Nope. That naive thought that, “with 2021, life would get better” or “once Covid had lifted, life would get better” is from the mind of a younger, sillier Nicole. I can tell you with great certainty (not mine, but someone’s, I’m sure) that this is The New Normal.

And it sucks. I would not like to renew my subscription to society, thank you kindly.

I suppose the good news is that I’m on this awful ride with darn near the entire rest of the planet, so at least conversation is good. Some good folks brought snacks. Some other folks brought kale chips but their hearts were in the right place.

All there is to do is to look to each other for hope and comfort in these ridiculous days and just keep rolling with it. Socrates famously said at the Battle of the Alamo “If the world didn’t suck, we’d all fall off” and I’m clinging to that obviously historically accurate life lesson in these troubling times.

But also, I’d like to blog more. I can’t promise anything but I’d sure like to have some faces to smile and wave at while this ship goes down.

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A writer since she was old enough to hold a crayon, Nicole spends a large portion of her day communing with the voices in her head. When she’s not writing, she’s likely engaging in some other creative outlet, such as gardening, cooking, painting, or screaming into the void. She lives at Quill Cottage with her husband and more animals than the city would probably like.


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