The Month of Adios

The audacity.

I did not mean to leave this on the “Did I die in a grizzly chainsaw accident” cliffhanger. For those keeping track, I did not. Yay for me!

However, I have been up to my eyeballs in very important things that needed my full and total attention, which sadly, is not something my little ADHD brain is prepared to give. Lemme just explain, okay?

We finally found a home for Richard, the overly-amorous rooster. He now lives a few towns away with a brand new beautiful flock of hens to keep him company. As you can tell by the photo, though, he was not amused by the long car ride to his new coop. That puts our dinosaur count to 4, but we’ve got three baby chicks on the way, to bring our flock total to 7.

And rounding out the things that my brain is struggling to process is my mother…

My mom was diagnosed a few months back with breast cancer. I could give every little detail about how it happened, the timeline, etc, but it’s not my story to tell. I’m a big fan of privacy so if you want details, ask her. Her phone number is 330-867-5309…

I kid. That’ll take you to a woman named Jenny.

But breast cancer…Mom ended up getting a double mastectomy, and it has been Mother’s Month all April. We even had a “Boob Voyage” party that included a bra burning ritual and, my personal favorite, a pair of cakes:

We know how to party.

Mom’s well on her way to a successful recovery, so it’s time for life to return to its regularly scheduled brand of chaos now.

We’re two-thirds of the way through meteorological spring and I’m pleased with how much we’ve accomplished despite having our hands full elsewhere. I worried that I’d be sad we didn’t plan a vegetable garden this year, but it has turned out to be a very wise decision. I’ve been weeding little by little, but there’s no way I’d have been able to keep up with all the work a full garden would require. I did plant a bit of corn for the fall, but sticking a kernel in the ground and wandering off is about all corn requires. “Wandering Off” is my middle name. Almost literally.

If I may, dear reader, I’d like to leave you with some hope for future blog posts. I’m going to be adding a few new segments to each post: What I’m reading and What I’m listening to and Some other third thing. I promise nothing, but make sure you check back frequently. I’m feeling chatty lately.

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