A New Adventure Begins

This historic little cabin was my home for the night of May 12th. I hoped to be writing here with some fun stories of it being haunted, or to tell more about its history, but nothing excited like that happened. We got in, it started pouring rain on the tin roof, and I ceased consciousness. It was glorious. It was also Kentucky, which is also glorious. Let me back up a bit to explain.

Friday afternoon, Kyle and I left to drive several hours south to South Shore, Kentucky, where this beauty is. Weirdly, that wasn’t our destination, despite being destination-worthy for a weary traveler. We needed a place to crash because I was not driving to Southern Ohio for a 9 am class all in one day.

Sheesh, I’m still telling this story so wonky. I’m sorry. Let me try again.

On the morning of Saturday, May 13th, Kyle and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary by taking a very exciting class: Intro to Wildlife Rehabilitation. It was the first hurdle I needed to clear on my quest to open my own animal rehab, and clear it I did. And so did Kyle, making us extra qualified to move on to the next step…

Dealing with the state wildlife department to become officially official. The class was the hardest part, energy- and financially-wise. As someone who is absurdly organized (except when it comes to recapping a weekend, it seems) paperwork is my JAM! But when I tell you I’m intimidated by this step, I mean I am 100% flying blindly into getting Ohio to let me legally do something I’ve been doing my whole life. All I can do is try my best and hope they see value in the work I’m willing to provide.

And once Ohio is on board, it’s still just the beginning for my little wildlife rehab. The next steps are huge and very important and SO unlike anything I have ever done before in my life. Like, the IRS gets involved in these following steps, and maybe a lawyer? Wow.

But for now, I’m just doing a happy dance for having made it through the class, making this anniversary weekend with Kyle something truly memorable.

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