Honest Work

We are exhausted in the best way possible. We’ve been working our butts off to install a fence around a large section of our backyard. As it turns out, Hank is Houdini reincarnated, so he’s not interested in staying confined, even if it’s a VERY LARGE SECTION OF BACKYARD! Dude has places to be, evidently, so for his own safety, a much more secure (and aesthetically pleasing) fence has to go in.

And we, the opposable thumb’d of Quill Cottage have opted to build this whole dang fence ourselves, right down to digging the holes with post hole diggers rather than ask the neighbor with an auger to come dig them for us.

“Why on earth would you do such a thing, Nicole?” I can hear you asking.

Well, because we like physical labor. Weird, huh? I love that feeling of complete physical drainage at the end of the day, sitting on the porch with a beer while the sunsets. Even the next morning when I’m sore as heck, I love that long stretch to wake my achy muscles back up.

Kyle and I both have done desk-type work for many years. Working at Stark State was basically desk job when I wasn’t hanging party decorations or chasing down a club advisor who hadn’t given me their paperwork. Even working at the florist was a stationary job, even if I was putting together arrangements at a desk rather than typing at one. I just don’t like holding still. It’s…inefficient.

That’s part of why my stint as a personal trainer only lasted a few years. I hate gyms. Explain why I’m pounding on this treadmill when there’s a whole world outside. Explain why I’m doing squats when there’s a whole garden at my house that needs weeded? I love physical activity and I love exercise. But damn, if I’m going to be tired at the end of the day, I want something tangible to show for it. Like a freakin’ fence.

We’re anticipating the work being done in the next few days, and then we will have a little rest before our next big adventure. Keep an eye out for updates on what that might be!

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A writer since she was old enough to hold a crayon, Nicole spends a large portion of her day communing with the voices in her head. When she’s not writing, she’s likely engaging in some other creative outlet, such as gardening, cooking, painting, or screaming into the void. She lives at Quill Cottage with her husband and more animals than the city would probably like.


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