You want it written, right?

I want to write it for you.

I’m Nicole Ford Thomas, a creative freelance writer who sees the world through a unique lens and loves to express the view from here with words.

If you want your project to stand out in a crowd of boring buzzwords (Believe me, we all want that…YAWN!) I’m the gal for you. From telling creative bedtime stories to turning boring office memos into memorable pieces of art, I’m highly-skilled at using words to get noticed.

And not just by throwing a dictionary. That was just that one time and I said I was really sorry.

You need something written in a way that will turn heads, blaze trails, and attract the attention you need, and I’m ready to do that for you.

Together, we’re going to make some beautiful words, and I can’t wait to get started. Email me at and let’s talk.