That Witch

Kindle Vella

In the summer of 2021, everyone is talking about being That Girl. Green smoothies, exercise, picture-perfect bowls of oatmeal, sure! But living the charmed life of being That Witch is where the real fun is. Told in episodes, this book will walk you through the steps to becoming a witch who glows from within.

Moonlight Market

Kindle Vella

In a hidden nook of the Black Forest, you might stumble across the supernatural market where vampires, witches, elves, sirens, and other magical creatures gather to shop by the silvery light of the moon. This collection of short stories tells about the folks who frequent the Moonlight Market .

Spellbound: The High Priestess (Book 2)


With friends like these…

Davie Archer is trying to save Boston Falls from an angry ghost and her zombie army. It wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t also teamed up with her worst enemy. While Gretchen and Jordan are learning to control their new magic, Davie and Bryony are at each other’s throats. Time is running out! The veil drops on Samhain but when secrets are uncovered, the future of the team looks grim.

Will they kill each other before Felicity gets the chance?

Spellbound: The Magician (Book 1)


Magic isn’t real.

In 16 years, Davie Archer has never seen it. The daughter of the coven’s High Priestess, she’s expected take up the broomstick in her mother’s place. She’d rather be exploring the woods alone, though, and sends a big message during Mabon ritual that can’t be ignored.

So, the bonfire blew up. Yeah, the entire town is in a deep sleep. Sure, there’s an invisible barrier locking them into Boston Falls. Still not magic. Not even a ghost appearing proves something otherworldly has happened. But when three other teenagers show up to claim their magic powers, Davie has to admit there’s more to her world than she wants to see.

Can Boston Falls survive a magical attack with only four teenagers to defend it?

Ghost Stories for the Brokenhearted


There are a multitude of ways a heart can break. For each, there is a ghost standing at the ready to help heal or help hurt. The Ghost of What If. The Ghost of Should Have. The Ghost of Why Me. This collection of writings explores the ways life can leave us heartbroken and introduces the ghosts who seep through the cracks.